Aphrodite’s dream


Details & Dimensions
80 x 40 cm
Painting:  Oil on Wood
Original:  One-of-a-kind Artwork

Original Created:2013
Subjects: Nude
Materials:  Wood
Styles:  Figurative
Mediums:  Oil

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Subject inspired by the Greek myth of love … the figure turns its back to the viewer, revealing only a few parts of the body.
The sleep of love or the dream of a love?
The black background is the absence of sleep light and the naked body imposes its brightness upon awakening.
If you look deep into your heart you see your light body surrounded by vibrations that glow in the dark.
We are not the body immersed in the dark illuminated by the light, we are not the events or what happens and not even the observers of what happens. Maybe we are just Aphrodite’s Dreams in the potential to learn and experience LOVE

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Dimensioni 80 × 3 × 40 cm