Chromatic Vibrations #01

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Original Created:2019
Size:23.6 W x 23.6 H x 1 D in


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My art is inspired by the nature of the mirages on the horizon, what we can know is a fragment of truth established by our perspective and this boundary limits our knowledge, only beyond this is our imagination.
Fragments of the horizon with stormy skies or lights on the horizon is a dynamic journey, a distant look towards an ever-changing path
It is a journey that I started last year and that only now I understand its meaning
The strangest thing that is happening right now is the abandonment of the immunity to emotions that oppresses people.
A storm was needed to understand that being more sensitive to a hug is important, because every contact deserves, and rejecting it means missing a unique opportunity.

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  1. francesco

    Un quadro astratto parte dalla necessità di rielaborare esperienze visive che dalla realtà vengono generate attraverso i nostri occhi.

    In quest’ottica ogni quadro diventa parte di quella memoria visiva

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